Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.28.28 PMNo epic journey can be completed without a community of support. Here are some of the people who merit special thanks.

  • Misty Havens– assistance with getting this website set up
  • Sally and Kevin Byrne— for a much-needed gift card to REI
  • Ken and Debbie Carpenter– for starting a crowdfunding campaign to help us with some unexpected expenses
  • Jenna Wollemann- for her advice and her never-ending support of her parents’ crazy adventures
  • David Voss– encouragement and financial support
  • Mox Multisports (Chicago)- helped negotiate a warranty from Felt Bicycles for my broken bike and for fast-tracking the rebuild to get us out of town on time.
  • Trek Highland Park – spotted the broken frame and put me in touch with Troy from Mox Multisport.
  • Boehm’s Cycle and Fitness in St. Paul, MN, and the incomparable do-it-all master mechanic Mike, who found my receipt for the original Felt bicycle purchase (from 2007!!), which fast-tracked the warranty from Felt.
    (Please frequent any of these businesses, if you’re in the market for a bike or other fitness gear. These shops are staffed by talented and customer-focused experts who are willing to go the extra mile)
  • Other Contributors: Lee Gordon, Robin Melen, Larry Tobin, Bob Timmons, Mick Uzendoski, Karl Gude, Susie Kamb, John Moore, R. Passov, Larry Jacobs & Julie Schumacher, Mike Blahnik, Charles Doherty, Patrick Durkin and several anonymous donors. Thank you!

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