Break time!

Day 33/34/35 : We are taking a break!  Because Mark is ahead of schedule on the way to Ragbrai, we decided to drive up to Minnesota (where we lived for 20 years) to visit some friends, eat some good food and relax a bit  (and give Mark’s sore butt a rest, too).  So here we are! Will write more once the break is over. Just wanted to keep you all updated.Read more about it here on Mark’s blog (and see a pic of our new friend, a bald eagle)  .

Julies pie

Homemade 3 berry pie from our bud Julie Schumacher gets 5 stars from Mark!


Lake selfie

  A White Bear Lake sunset selfie with Melody and Mark with friends Dan and Mary.












Finally… since many of you have asked, here is the link to the nice article about us in the newspaper. LINK to full article here!

“It’s one of those things we often forget,” he says, “to step out of our lives and try something different.”

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