Day 36: Ragbrai Starts Tomorrow + Mark nears 2K miles!

Mark and Melody Update from Iowa

Ragbrai starts tomorrow! The best way to describe it is a rolling state fair on wheels across all of Iowa with 10,000 close and personal friends. We’ll be sharing the week with our daughter Jenna, her boyfriend Alex and a slew of relatives and friends and, most certainly, new friends.  Read more about the Ragbrai and our plans on Mark’s blog here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.42.30 PM

Can you find Mark’s shadow in this Iowa cornfield?

I (Melody) have been having fun working in the air conditioning and doing a little bit of video editing and will have something to post tomorrow as Mark closes in on 2,000 miles since he started in June.    More to come!   Personally,  I am excited to not have to take care of Mark for a week (we are going with a charter company Pork Belly Ventures that takes care of everything) and even though I will still be shooting video and taking pics,  I can concentrate on that for a change :). And hanging out with family and friends. I wonder what that will be like??   Excited! Will try to post when we can but might not be able to do much. We’ll see.

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Mark & Melody

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