Been there. Done that. Done. (VIDEO)


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After 66 days + 12 states of cycling across America from sea to shining sea…from Oregon to Delaware…we are DONE! Congrats to Mark Wollemann who is truly #55andalive!  Watch this video of his arrival in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware (with daughter Jenna and cousin Sally as part of the cheering committee)  to dip his tire in the Atlantic Ocean and read  Mark’s blog post about how he feels about the end of the adventure. 

After a few days of rest and reflection, we will both be writing more (and I will be posting more pics and videos now that I will have time to go through everything), but we wanted to update our readers that Mark has accomplished his goal!  Not for a cause.  Not for a reason other than to to test himself mentally and physically.  And it worked! We have both learned so much about ourselves, our country and what it means to take on a challenge together and make it happen.

Thanks for following us on our journey!  More to come :).

Mark & Melody

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