Bike Problems + Film Festivals + Fundraising


MARK:  Ran into some big problems with my bBROKEN BIKE CRANKike.  Short version: my beloved Felt bike broke.  Long version here. Just glad this stuff happened before we hit the road next week!  One of our friends set up a GoFundMe account to help us pay for some unexpected costs.  Here is the link for that.   We had no plans to “fund-raise” for this trip. We are not touting a cause; we aren’t riding for a charity. We are pursuing a dream and looking to tell stories along the way.  If you feel like supporting this endeavor, we’ll make sure to put the money to good use (ongoing bike repairs, camera supplies, etc).  And if this does turn into a film project, which we expect, you’ll be in the credits. We’re humbled and supremely touched by our friends’ generosity and the outpouring of support. We are looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.  Hope to get my new bike this weekend!

MELODY:  Final preparations are underway.  We said goodbye to Mark’s parents and our daughter Jenna (next time we will see her is at the Ragbrai in Iowa) .  I’m at a film festival in Duluth for a screening of my documentary The Summer Help while Mark is busy with final preparations back in Chicago. I will be back this weekend to finish up last minute details.  Can’t believe this #OregontoDelaware is really happening!

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