Here we go!

car packing

Somehow we crammed all of that (and more!) in our small car!

Mark:   We’re pulling away from Chicago sometime in the next hour or so. We’re not the best with early starts, so we’re waiting out the early-morning rush hour and soon heading to I-80 for the LONG drive to San Francisco. We loaded the car last night (that was quite a challenge!).  Now getting ready to take off for #OregontoDelaware.  Read more on my blog here!

Melody: Well we did it! We are on our way.  It got a little tense packing up all my filmmaking gear and

first selfie stick leaving

First selfie stick pic ever!

clothes for 3 months we’ll be away.  You can see from the look on Mark’s face he was more than ready to get going!  We also had some interesting conversations our garage attendant before we left. Will post a little about that later.  We’ll do a pit stop in San Francisco for a screening of my documentary The Summer Help  at the San Francisco Doc Fest (June 11/12) and then off to Oregon on Monday, June 13th for the start of the bike ride.  Happy to be on the road with this guy! #55andalive


Off we go!

Off we go!

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