Day 3 & 4: A Surprise Visit from Old Friends, Climbing + Getting Wet

MARK: I’m going to combine posts for the past two days (June 15/16),  mostly because my “blogging time” yesterday was lost to the great cause of sharing beers and chatter with old friends from Minnesota Curt and Adele Brown, who showed up on their way to visit their daughter in Portland.

Mark and Curt Curt brought along a nut brown ale “because I’m a Brown and you’re a nut.” Former newspaper guys love pun humor. It’s a fact.

We had planned to camp, but they had suffered some tent mishaps in the days before arriving (and it was looking dark, cold and rainy), so we hung out at the Bluewolf Motel in Oakridge. It was a great spot and we had lots of laughs and then everyone had a good night’s sleep.

Day 3
About 6 miles past Westfir, Ore.
Today’s mileage: 55. Total: 150

A most beautiful ride.    (To read the rest of Mark’s post, go to his blog here).

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.35.49 AM

Curt and Adele Brown tracked us down!

MELODY:  What a wonderful surprise to have our dear old friends track us down in Oregon!  Curt and Adele were our first friends when we moved to Minnesota 25 years ago.  Mark and Curt worked together at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and we both had young kids at the time and shared a lot of great times together.  We really enjoyed visiting with them, but especially me because they took me hiking in the forest which was a great distraction from worrying about Mark all the time.  The nature in Oregon is truly spectacular and I’m glad I got to enjoy it today!  While we didn’t see another soul while we were hiking but then all of a sudden out of the woods arrives a sweetheart of a young mountain biker who came to give us a message from Mark –that he was fine and had just passed us and was well on his way to Rainbow, Oregon.   Nice kid, that Luke.luke


The visit from the Brown’s made us think how nice it would be to see other friends along the way.  Let us know if you would like to meet us somewhere between #OregontoDelaware (schedule here).     We are waiting for you!

m and m in orgeon

Day 4 in Oakridge, Oregon (Photo courtesy Curt Brown)


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