Day 2: Hills, Rain, Logging Trucks + Larry the Auto Mechanic

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MARK: It was wet and cold, but the scenery was spectacular heading east from the Oregon coast.

Cottage Grove, Ore.
Today’s mileage: 70. Total: 95

We worked out the kinks today. I was able to get the “ridewithgps” app to work, even with no 3G signal. That was good, because when you’re lost in the forest, the disembodied voice of technology is a great relief. I took zero wrong turns and finished the day 12 miles past what I had planned as my Day 2 stopping point. So, progress.  (To see the rest of Mark’s post, go here to his blog).

MELODY:  So I am trying hard to get all the shots I need of Mark riding, but it’s not easy!  He is a moving target, after all.  At some point, we ended on a perilous logging road at 7000 feet that made my stomach churn (pics and video coming) as I watched Mark take some of scary tight turns on curvy roads! But probably my biggest achievement today was tracking him down and then bringing him lunch. We set up on the roadside somewhere in the middle of a forest.  We ate lunch as huge logging trucks rolled by and beeped their horns at us. Beautiful.


I did meet an interesting man later in the day when I thought I had a problem with my car window.  There’s more to Larry the auto mechanic than meets the eye.  More on that when I have some time to edit 🙂 .

Mark & Melody

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Larry the auto mechanic


6 Responses to “Day 2: Hills, Rain, Logging Trucks + Larry the Auto Mechanic

  • Keep on pushing!
    #55andAlive #OregonToDelaware

  • Don’t get lost in the forest! Stay on the road!

  • Awesome!!!! Enjoy!!!!! Your living the dream. Are you planning on jumping into Ragbrai for the ride accross Iowa?

    • Sorry so late in replying. Yes, doing ragbrai with my daughter, her boyfriend and several relatives and friends. It’ll be a blast. Three weeks and counting to Iowa.

  • Timmons
    8 years ago

    May the wind be at your backs — and all that! Lifting good thoughts your way.

  • Kyle Renell
    8 years ago

    I’m really looking forward to Larry’s story! Now we’re getting down to it! I am so very grateful you’re doing this! Thanks, Tune!