Accomplishments, Pie Porn & Top 10 List of Things Melody has Learned So Far


MARK:  Accomplishments, Pie and People

MELODY: TOP 10 Things I Have Learned so Far on the #OregontoDelaware Trip  (see below)


pie porn tight

Pie Porn!

  • Reaches the Continental Divide (the highest elevation of this trip. See pic below)
  • Eats the perfect (and biggest piece of pie) so far in Dubois at Cowboy Cafe
  • Writes about friendships, people and life lessons  (Read all about these things on on his blog here)
  • CONTINENTAL DIVIDE“The ride itself has been a gift for a lot of reasons. We’ve seen parts of the country that we have never visited. It’s such a huge country and there’s just soooo much to see. I’m eager to go back, start in a different spot and do it again, to be honest. One reason for that: the people. ”   ( Click on Mark’s blog to read more about pie, Cowboy Jim,  Shirley and Jeff , life lessons and more).


Top Ten List of things  I have learned while on the #OregontoDelaware trip:

  1. Living out of a small car for 3 months is not easy
  2. Living out of a small car for 3 months is easier if you are organized
  3. Don’t travel without a power inverter for the car! This one is amazing with 3 plugs and 4 USB charging ports! 

    car charger

    The perfect car charger. Could not live without this.

  4. Get yourself some bear spray if you are coming out West. Really. (*see note below)
  5. Don’t try to make a film about your husband
  6. If you do try to make a documentary about your husband, give him lots of pie. That’s when he will be the nicest to you.
  7. If your left rear window starts falling down while you are driving, you should check to see if anything is leaning against it (in my case, a lawn chair)
  8. You will lose things. You will. Just accept that.
  9. Bring one of everything. Not more. You won’t need it, I promise (and less likely to lose it). 
  10. This is the hardest shoot I have ever had to do by far  (reluctant main subject, technical problems every step of the way, missed shots, bad audio, bad focus, bad timing, almost burned down a cabin,  feel stupid, broken gear, lost gear,  etc. etc. etc.)…and that fact that it will last for 3 months makes it even harder! But like Mark on his bike ride, I am persevering and doing the best I can. We both have different challenges that we need to overcome. One day at a time.

*NOTE ABOUT BEAR SPRAY: I heard a story from a cashier at a gas station about a couple from Italy that sprayed their children with the bear spray like bug spray! Do not do this.   It’s to spray on a bear that might be approaching you. Just so you know 🙂

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  • Pie porn and the best of America.
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