VIDEO: What Makes YOU Feel Alive (+ Mark goes 95 miles today)


MELODY:  While Mark is biking across America (and that makes HIM feel alive), Melody asks THE question.  Here are some of the answers from people we have met in the past 3 weeks (Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming).



MARK:  Read on his blog about: ice on his head

  • Feeling the Heat
  • Riding 90 Miles
  • Icing His Head
  • 4th of July at a motel in Riverton, Wyoming
  • How much he loves Melody 🙂




Melody note about July 4th:  We live in an great country, filled with beautiful land and diverse people with lots of opinions about things. We may not agree with them, but we can talk about them. We are free to do that and that’s what we are doing. And that is what America (on a good day) is all about.Enjoy your July 4th wherever you may be and whoever you are with.

Mark & Melody

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2 Responses to “VIDEO: What Makes YOU Feel Alive (+ Mark goes 95 miles today)

  • Kyle Renell
    8 years ago

    Love the video, Tune! Looking forward to more!

  • Melody Gilbert
    8 years ago

    Thanks, Kyle! Hope to have more time to edit some videos soon!! It’s hard being both a filmmaker & support team, but I am trying 🙂