DAY 23: 102 miles + A visit to the ONLY gas station in 100 miles.


  • MARK: First century ride and another flat tire – that’s #5! (see below)
  • MELODY: Finds out how to make freeze-dried rattlesnakes  (see below)
    MARK UPDATE: Tuesday’s mileage: 102!  Today was one of those days when you think you’ve got it all figured out and you quickly learn that learning to adapt is the biggest part of “winning” this journey. I had expected a long ride. I had expected to push nearly 100 miles.  (Read more about what he didn’t expect (and more) on his blog here. )

Melody’s view of Mark. NOT fun to watch.

MELODY:   By now, I am used to watching Mark riding around like a crazy man. But one thing I will never get used to is seeing him pedaling in the pounding rain next to trucks, buses and cars going 80 MPH and whizzing past him within inches.  Today was one of those days (see pic above.)    Lots of people ask me how it do it.  For me, it’s like filming anything-  just focus on getting the shot.  Try not to think about the person or what is actually happening. It’s much easier that way. Although I admit I almost lost my composure today.

Earlier in the day,  we made a pit stop at the Bright Spot Cafe and Gas Station (and motel). It’s the only gas station on the lonely road between Shoshoni and Casper, about 100 miles apart.  The shop/restaurant/bar is run by an interesting cast of characters including Grandma in the kitchen,  Dad who loves motorbiking and lives directly behind the restaurant through a door behind the counter, his 14-year-old daughter at the at the cash register and her 10-month-old son who happily wanders around the shop discovering the pool table balls among other things.   My favorite part: the dad  explaining to me how his daddy makes the freeze dried rattlesnakes that are for sale behind the counter.  More to come on this later in a video,  so for now here are some pics for your enjoyment.

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