Charlie the Vietnam Vet + Professional Pics + A Note of Sadness

mark windmills smaller

See this pic larger below

Mark and Melody Updates from Douglas, Wyoming (July 7) 


Day 24
Destination: Douglas, Wyoming
Tuesday’s mileage: 53. Total: 1,360

  • Wednesday was a sweet day for me and a sad day for many friends in Minnesota and around the country. I’ll start with the sweet.  Read more about:
  • Charlie, a Vietnam Vet
  • Kenny, the bike shop repair guy
  • Phillip, the photographer (local newspaper is doing story about Mark)
  • Sadness in Minnesota

CLICK on link  here to read it all on a Mark’s blog.


Mark meets the Jackalope , symbol of Douglas  (photo credit: Melody Gilbert )

MELODY: The morning started in Casper where we went to get Mark’s bike fixed. On the way, we stumbled across a mule deer just casually walking around a suburban neighborhood.  Never saw anything like that before!  Later, while visiting Glenrock and Douglas, we were followed around by a local news guy, Phillip Harnden, an amazing photographer/reporter from the Douglas and Glenrock newspapers. He was doing a story about Mark and took some spectacular pics (see below) as well as this impromptu snap of Mark and I.  He’s a story, too.  He was once a correctional officer in the psych ward in a prison, a truck driver and an electrician. But he certainly found his calling in photography.  Check out his work, especially his baby pics. WOW!  I’ll have a  short video about Phillip soon, once I get some time to edit (and will post as link to the story and his pics when it comes out in the newspaper next week). Almost to Nebraska!

M and M

M & M, courtesy Phillip Harnden


It doesn’t look real but it is!

Mark long and winding road Phillip Harden

The long and winding road in Glenrock, Wyoming                  Photo credit: Phillip Harnden

mark windmills smaller

Amazing pic from Phillip Harnden in Glenrock, Wyoming

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