Day 26: Wyoming: Getting Lost & Found & More Pie & Bonnie the Grocery Store Cashier

Mark and Melody’s Updates from Lusk, Wyoming  (July 7)

MARK: Lost & Found in Douglas, WY     MELODY: “It still hurts”

MARK UPDATE:   Rough Road, Happy Camper, More Pie and Peace to You All

Read more about Mark’s update from Douglas here on his blog.

MELODY UPDATE:  While Mark was riding, I met some interesting people including Bonnie, a grocery store cashier who has worked at Douglas Grocery for 10 years and Stacey, the owner of a second hand shop. 

Bonnie used to be a supervisor in a women’s prison for many years, but that was a rough job. Later she became a police dispatcher (also a rough job).   She lost her son 30 years ago in a car crash and it still hurts every day.    As a cashier, it also hurts to see people she knows who have lost their  jobs in mining industry and have had to go on food stamps.  That makes her sad. What makes her feel alive today is visiting with her grandchildren.

Bonnie grocery store clerk

I also met Stacey, the owner of a “This and That” second-hand shop in Douglas, Wyoming, that looks like a giant garage sale in a store. Their motto: “We have things you don’t know you need.” I loved browsing through everything in there and would have spent hours in there if I didn’t have to meet Mark (who had been lost, see his post above)! I even bought some trays and a coffee mug, much needed things I didn’t know I needed on this road trip.  The thing I love about Stacy: she told me that every item in the store has a story, and that’s why she loves having this shop.  You can certainly feel that when shopping there.  Even the VHS tapes behind her have stories and love (and yes, people still buy them for 10 cents a pop!). Thanks, Stacey!

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  • Kyle Renell
    8 years ago

    So, Tune, what’s the story behind your new coffee mug and trays??