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There’s no sign at Johnny’s but you can’t miss this quirky building

MARK: Melody and I walked out of Larry’s bike shop in Huntington and walked back in time — in so many ways. Johnny’s restaurant has been around for nearly 70 years and it’s unique. A one-time drive in, it’s just a diner in the round.  Built by the owner, Johnny Davis, after he returned to the U.S. after World War II, it serves a classic diner menu. But the food is great. The service is friendly. And if you’re lucky enough to get there, make sure to sit at the horseshoe-shaped bar and visit with the locals.  (Read more about some of the locals we met there – including “Sam” the waitress who has been working there for a couple of decades and just got engaged the night before! More from Mark on his blog here. )

diner pano

Mark gets a homemade banana bread from one of the regulars.

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Sam shows her engagement ring to the regulars. She had been widowed 10 years ago and recently found love in her life again last year with a guy she had dated once before many years ago. Congrats, Sam!











MELODY:  This is me and my life.

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This is Mark’s life.   He made it to the Ohio border.  The yawn was real.

He just wants to finish now (and so do I).

mark yawning

Ohio border. No big deal.

Thanks for following along on our journey!  You can also follow us on Facebook .  Still hoping to arrive in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware in the 3rd week of August!

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  • Kyle Renell
    8 years ago

    The third week of August is the start of classes at ISU. It is coming up SO fast! Tune and Mark, for your sakes, I hope it goes quickly, but…. it also means the start of the fall semester…. everything is relative! Stay safe out there, you two!