VIDEO: Mark Reaches 3000 miles!


MARK:  The boys of Bucyrus help me out during my “emergency”….a live radio interview…and some more pie porn.  See pics and read all about about these things on Mark’s blog!  

MELODY:  Mark is very goal-oriented so he wasn’t thinking 3000 miles was a big deal.  For him, the ride from Upper Sandusky to Wooster was just another day in the long haul from Oregon to the Atlantic Ocean.  But I was pretty excited about it, so when he suggested we meet in Mansfield for lunch, I made a poster and tried to find some friendly folks who would greet him. I could not have picked a better place than the Coney Island Inn restaurant.  Check out this video that shows the amazing welcome from the owner and the patrons!

Thanks, Bill and congrats, Mark!! Now just 600 more miles to go.

Today we had to get to Dover in time to do a live radio interview on WJER. Mark arrived by bike with just a few minutes to spare. We had a great time being interviewed by Jennifer and Anita. Fun day!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.46.12 PM

We are in Amish country (I passed a few horse and buggys on the road on the way to Dover),  Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.10.34 PMso I will do some sightseeing tomorrow morning while Mark heads toward Pittsburgh.

Now we are getting close to the finish line. It doesn’t seem real. I wonder what life will be like when we get back to reality.

I still have so many stories to share about the people we have met …will try to post some before this journey is over.

Melody & Mark

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Mark Reaches 3000 miles!

  • Kyle Renell
    8 years ago

    Hey, Tune, the “3000” video starts buffering 2 seconds into the feed. I’ve run some other videos with no problem.

  • Jill Cousins
    8 years ago

    Hi Mark and Melody! I am so enjoying following your adventure, and I’m totally in awe of both Mark’s accomplishment and your wonderful partnership. You two are so lucky to have each other! Do you have an estimated completion date? When you’re through, are you driving straight back to Chicago? By the way, my daughter is applying to graduate school at Northwestern, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be heading that way in a year or so to visit! Take care, be safe and continue to enjoy this wonderful adventure! Love, Jill

    • Melody Gilbert
      8 years ago

      Hi Jill! Thanks for your nice comments. We are going to do some visiting on the East Coast before we head back to Chicago …should be back in Chi at end of August/early September. Hope your daughter gets in Northwestern! It’s an amazing school 🙂